Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kynsley!

Tonight we had Kynsley's birthday party. It was at Jay's parents' pool. All of the kids had such a good time. Anna Beth hasn't been around big pools very much so she wasn't too sure of it. She still had fun hanging out on the edge and splashing. It is so hard to believe Kynsley and Anna Beth are 2 years old. Alicia and I had the same due date so we went through everything together. We also used the same doctor, so alot of our doctor's appointments were the same day. Poor Alicia had to answer all of my first time pregnancy questions since she was experienced in that area! It was nice to have a friend to talk to that was going through the same things. In fact, I almost thought Anna Beth and Kynsley might have the same birthday. On the Wednesday before both girls were born, Dr. Callison scheduled to induce Alicia on Thursday morning and I spent all evening Wednesday with really hard contractions. I thought it would be neat if they were born the same day. Anna Beth had other plans. She waited 5 more days before making her grand entrance. Happy Birthday Sweet Kynsley Ryann!!!

Daddy & Anna Beth enjoying some white chocolate covered marshmallows

Katie Lee showing Anna Beth how to jump off the diving board

Anna Beth thought about it, but decided it wasn't her cup of tea!

Anna Beth's "cute face"

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Alicia said...

It was an honor to be pregnant with you Angela! We may have to do it again someday:) Thanks so much for coming to the party! I know it was miserable but I appreciate you smiling through it anyway. Anna Beth's cute face is adoreable! I love the head-tilt.

Love you!