Sunday, September 20, 2009

What have the Burns' been up to?

Well, a little bit of EVERYTHING! The first week of August we purchased a house. Very exciting for us, but you see, the house needed MAJOR work. So, for the past 6 weeks, we have spent every day M-F working our normal jobs and then working until 9 -10pm at night. The weekends having consisted of working all day Saturday and in between and after church services on Sunday. Where has our child been during all this time??? Here, there, and everywhere! Bless her heart! She has been such a trooper! She has spent alot of time with grandparents and Aunt Brooke & Uncle Bobo. As far as the house goes, EACH AND EVERY piece of trim in the house was still dark stained wood, so that meant EACH and EVERY piece of trim had to be sanded, primed, and have 3 coats of white paint! We have painted every room and hung crown molding. New cabinets, countertops, and tile all were done in the kitchen. I am so happy with how the kitchen is turning out. It was the one room that made me hestitant to buy the house. The kitchen still had dark ponderosa pine in it. So, we sanded, primed, and painted it and it turned out quite well! Every room had a wall heater that we had to remove and we had to sheetrock the hole. One of the bathrooms was gutted down to the framing. We are waiting on the tile to set in there before we can finish it. It will be a week before we can do any more in there because they are coming tomorrow to refinish our hardwood floors. The other bathroom is still waiting to be tiled and painted and new countertops put in. Carpet is going in the den tomorrow morning. We have made ALOT of progress, but it still seems like we have sooo much left to do. We are hoping to be in by the first of October. I took around 60 "before" pictures, so as soon as we finish with everything I will post "before/after" shots. I think y'all will be amazed! We are really excited about moving in. All the hard work will be worth it in the end!

So, in the middle of all this remodeling. Anna Beth decides that she was ready to start potty training. I had tried several months ago, but she would scream bloody murder everytime I would try to sit her on the potty. One day a couple of weeks ago, she found her panties in her room. She asked to wear them. I told her she could, but she could not use the potty in them. She picked right up on going to the bathroom and we've had very few accidents. I'm amazed at how quick she got it once SHE was ready. I could push it all day long, but she wasn't going to do it until she was ready. Being potty trained is just one more thing that makes her not my baby anymore. I know she isn't grown up by any means, but she is just changing and learning so much every day! She tells me everyday, "Mommy, I'm your big girl." Melts my heart!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anna Beth's Cinderella

As many of you already know, Matt & I purchased a house a little over a month ago. We are remodeling this house before we move into it. We have spent MANY hours painting and working. Al offered to paint something in Anna Beth's room. He painted a beautiful Cinderella. Anna Beth is so proud of it. She takes everyone that comes into the house to see it! Thanks Uncle Bobo!!!