Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burns/Looney Road Trip

A few months ago, Matt came home from work and told me we were now the owners of season tickets for the Ole Miss Rebels. "Why?" I asked. "I don't want to go to their games!" Well, you see, Matt and Al had been talking to good ole Jay Looney and they had decided to purchase Ole Miss season tickets so we could have tickets to the Alabama/Ole Miss game. I thought this was a ridiculous idea at the time. However, Jay sold all of our tickets for enough profit that we were able to go to our game practically free. So, on this ONE occasion, I guess I would have to say the guys were right :-) We had such a wonderful time! When you get the 6 of us together, we are destined to have a good time! We rented a van to go to Oxford in so we could all ride together. The weather was absolutely miserable. It was cold and there was a heavy mist for part of the game. It wasn't a pretty win by any means, but it was win! Roll Tide!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lauderdale County's Homecoming

At the beginning of October, my Alma Mater had their Homecoming. The parade route runs right in front of the daycare so we always are able to take the children outside for the parade. I was worried that Anna Beth would be scared of the loud sirens, but she loved it. She was especially amazed by the Tiger mascot that walked with the parade.

Our Weekend Getaway

Matt & I went to the Bama vs. Kentucky game a couple of weeks ago. It was in Kentucky so that meant it needed to be an overnight trip. Anna Beth has spent the night away from home several times, but this was the first time for us to leave town without her. She stayed with Aunt Brooke & Uncle Bobo and had an absolute ball!

Entrance to Commonwealth Stadium

Inside the stadium before the game

Alabama players coming out to warm up

We had a great weekend together!