Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Anna Beth & Kynsley

This year, Alicia and I decided to have a birthday party together for the girls. We had it at the Onyx. It was perfect and very little hassle--my kind of party!

Pretty Birthday Girls

Anna Beth turning brave on us!

Beautiful and delicious cake made by Laura!

Opening presents

Family Birthday Party

On Friday night, we had Anna Beth's family birthday party at our house.

Birmingham Zoo

For Anna Beth's 3rd birthday, Matt and I both took off work on Friday and took Anna Beth to the Birmingham Zoo. Even though it was extremely hot (especially for this pregnant mommy), we had a great time together.

Anna Beth with the pretty tiger. She asked the entire time to find the tigers. She loved them!

She enjoyed the carousel so much that she wanted to ride it more than once so she could ride on all the different animals on the carousel!

Train Ride

Daddy & Anna Beth

Birthday Girl

Kiddie Carnival

In June, we went to the Kiddie Carnival. Anna Beth really enjoyed all of the rides this year!

Samuel's 4-D Pics

Once again, it's time for me to play catch up! Samuel will be here on Thursday, Sept. 2nd so I figured I had better get caught up because my free time is about to disappear! We went in June for our 4-D ultrasound. He really cooperated and we got 45 pics of him. I just picked a few to put on here. In some pictures, I think he looks just like Anna Beth and in others I'm not sure.