Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Pig Tails

While I was fixing Anna Beth's hair Wednesday night for church, I decided to try to pull her hair into pig tails. I think they turned our pretty cute!

My baby isn't a baby anymore! Anna Beth turned 21 months yesterday (24th). She is such a joy! She melts my heart!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Grandmomma and Grandaddy gave Anna Beth a hat for Easter. She did not want to wear it for Easter, but loves wearing it around the house. She also loves trying on mine and Matt's shoes and wearing them around the house. She thinks it is so funny to wear our shoes.


After much debating, we decided to take Anna Beth with us to A-day. She did pretty good through most of the scrimmage. She had so much energy that she walked the entire spiral down from the upper deck to the car, which was probably a mile! She loved watching for Big Al and answering my question of "What does an elephant say? and she would answer "Roll Tide!"

Decorating Our Eggs


This year for Easter we were invited to Brooke's Aunt Kathy's house for lunch and an egg hunt at their farm. Anna Beth had finally got the hang of find eggs by her 3rd and final egg hunt.

Anna Beth with her Easter Basket and the all important Smarties:

Our Family on Easter:

Anna Beth LOVED the baby chicks on the farm:

Easter Egg Hunt Number 2: The Lovell's

Will and Amber Lovell hosted an egg hunt at their house the day before Easter for all of the small children at church. It was a little chilly, but the kids didn't mind. I was amazed at Anna Beth on their swingset. She climbed all the way up the ladder by herself and turned around and slid down on her stomach over and over. She would not slide the correct way, it had to be on her stomach.

Will & Donnie directing parking:

My Sweet Anna Beth:

Anna Beth & William

Getting ready to start:

Instead of trying to find the eggs, Anna Beth was more interested in Will & Amber's front door.


The best part of the entire day: The Cupcakes

Thanks Will & Amber for a fun morning!

Easter Egg Hunt Number 1: Daycare

Okay, so I am doing really bad at keeping this blog updated. I will try harder I promise! Our first egg hunt of this year took place at daycare. Matt took off at lunch to come be with Anna Beth so I could "work." Anna Beth was not really interested in finding eggs. She only found two and that was because they were on the way to the slide!

Anna Beth waiting with her class to start the egg hunt. Please excuse my poor child's hair. Mrs. Mona fixed it and I believe it is quite obvious that she has sons, not daughters :-)

Finding her only two eggs:

Enjoying refreshments with Daddy: