Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Award

Thanks to all for the blog award! Now for my 5 addictions:

1. Diet Mt. Dew - I have to have one as soon as my feet hit the ground when I wake up in the morning. Then throughout the day, I'm embarassed to say how many more I will drink!

2. Blogging - This is my newest addiction. Although I'm slow about posting, I check every day to see who has updated.

3. Facebook & Myspace - My hubby says I'm too old for these websites, but I just can't help myself!

4. Shopping for my sweet Anna Beth - I can spend more money on one outfit for her that cost more than my entire wardrobe and not think twice about it. My defense is that hopefully, one day Brooke can also use it for her little girl.

5. Grey's Anatomy - I have to be home on Thursday nights. I WILL NOT miss this show. Love it!