Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Burns

We went at the first of February for our first doctor's appointment. Things have changed so much in just the short time since we got pregnant with Anna Beth. This time instead of just seeing Dr. Callison and she doing the ultrasound, we had to go straight to the ultrasound tech. Everyone in Dr. Callison's office is AWESOME, but the ultrasound tech leaves alot to be desired. She is the same one that was there when we were pregnant with Anna Beth. Everytime we have seen her (this makes the 3rd time) she acts like we are just an inconvenience to her day! So she doesn't go above and beyond to help in any way. We told her we had a DVD to record the baby's first ultrasound. She responded with, well, we don't record the first ultrasounds anymore. Lots of women have their first ultrasound and everything is fine and then they miscarry, so I don't record first ultrasounds anymore. Regardless of what happens, I still wanted the ultrasound recorded. So we already have to explain to our second child that we do not have a video of them at 8 weeks like we do Anna Beth! Then the ultrasound tech did not let us hear the baby's heartbeat. I could see it on the screen and it looked strong, but I was too scared to ask her to turn it up in fear that she might bite my head off! Dr. Callison assured me later in the visit that everything looked great!

We go on Thursday for our 12 week check up in Huntsville. We had genetic testing with Anna Beth and have chosen to do so with this baby also. With Anna Beth, I just had blood work done, but now they do a genetic ultrasound also. We have an appointment in Birmingham on Thursday also. They only do this kind of ultrasound in Huntsville on Tuesdays and Matt couldn't make it to any of the Tuesday appointments. The best part is that they told us they can possibly tell us the sex of the baby on Thursday. It will only be 90% accurate because I am only 12 weeks, but still 90% is pretty good. I had a gut feeling with Anna Beth that she was a girl. This pregnancy has been so different as far as being sick, so I am going with a boy. I would love to add a little boy to our family, but at the same time, I would love Anna Beth to have a sister. Hopefully, we will know on Thursday! Regardless of the sex of the baby, I just pray for a healthy child! So, what do y'all think? Boy or Girl?


Erica said...

Hope all goes well with your genetic ultrasound! We'll be praying for healthy results for your new little one! As far as the sex, I have to go with "mother's intuition"....since you feel different & you think "boy" I'll go with boy too! Good luck! We can't wait to hear the results!

Alicia said...

I'm thinking boy too. Your pregnancy has started off differently and it reminds me alot of mine with Bryson so that's my guess! Can't wait to find out:)

Little Gifts From God said...

Marla wants to know if the tech's name was Beverly. She said that if it was that both of you are going to gang up on her!! I am going with a girl! That seems to be the only sex of baby right now at church! Plus, I want a playmate for Abby too!!!