Monday, December 21, 2009

Anna Beth and Santa

Every year Santa comes to visit all the children at the daycare where I work. He is just the sweetest little ole Santa you'll ever see! Just about all the kids love him. Anna Beth walked up to him and talked to him, but would not sit in his lap. After all of the kids visited with Santa, he read Twas the Night Before Christmas to them and stayed for snack time. During this time, my dad shows up to get Anna Beth. I told Anna Beth to tell Santa bye. She looks at him with the biggest grin and says "Bye Santa Claus! See you later!" and runs and gives him a big hug. I had already taken my camera to my office and missed a great photo opportunity. The hug lasted about 5 seconds and she realized she was in Santa's lap and was finished with the whole hugging thing. Maybe next year she will sit in his lap.

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